Core Values







Education Standards

  • Utilizing best practices in environmental education will help us to achieve environmental literacy.
  • Education practices should include the environment as an integrating context as well as an emphasis on critical thinking skills.
  • The content and methods used in high quality environmental education should be based upon peer-reviewed research in science, education, and psychology.

​Community Engagement

  • It takes the participation of every individual to develop the most environmentally literate society.
  • Collaboration maximizes efforts and leads to more effective programs.


  • All environmental education should consider the contributions, worldviews, opinions, and perspectives on environmental issues of everyone connected to the content being explored.
  • AAEE supports only culturally responsive environmental education.
  • AAEE promotes an inclusive organizational culture.


  • AAEE supports and facilitates opportunities that promote the continuation of environmental education.
  • All activities will be conducted in a manner that minimizes the negative impact on the environment through efficient use of resources.
  • All practices should encourage environmental, economic and social responsibility.