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arizona association for Environmental Education

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The AAEE 2024 Annual Conference

September 13-14, 2024

September 13 at Pima Community College East Campus, Tucson, AZ

September 14 at Patagonia, AZ

Conference Theme:   

We Are Resilient: EE Pathways to Restoring, Reconnecting, Regenerating


SUBMISSION DEADLINE EXTENDED: May 31, 2024 JUNE 5TH at 11:59 pm Arizona Time

*Read to the end of this page for the submission link*


We Are Resilient: EE Pathways to Restoring, Reconnecting, Regenerating

AAEE is excited to bring together again the great minds working in the EE field in Arizona. We hope to capitalize on the momentum from hosting the AAEE 2024 Annual Conference. The theme is centered on our vision for building a network of educators who work together and support each other, help young EE professionals enter the field, promote equitable pay for those in our field, and expand the boundaries of what we consider environmental education to work toward equitable and sustainable solutions for all of our community members. 

We hope you will share with us the great work we KNOW is happening across Arizona! This is a peer-reviewed conference call for presentations, and is open to anyone who has ideas worth sharing. Please see the details below about conference strands. 

You may wish to use our Submission Form Template to draft your proposal and then cut and paste the information into the web submission form listed above. Here is the link to the Draft Submission Form. Your submission must be submitted through the online form linked at the bottom of the page. Let us know if you have issues accessing it or need assistance. Email for help.

Because AAEE is a non-profit organization and relies on conference fees to cover the expenses for the event we are unable to waive registration fees or provide deep discounts for presenters. We know it is a challenge to pay for conference registrations; we are all in the same boat. We want to provide a wonderful experience with as many fees and meals covered as we can, so please take a look at our scholarship information when we make that available during registration - don't let cost be a barrier. We will also provide information about carpooling, camping, and room sharing for this event. Please understand that we are also not making a bank on this event - for the most part, what we will charge for registration will cover the expense we incur for hosting. We appreciate your understanding. Share our Conference Sponsorship Packet to help us raise funds to get everyone there!

Want to help us review proposals for a $20 discount? Apply here! We need 10 people for this task. We need you to be available between June 15 and June 25 so we can finalize the schedule. Details and the reviewer rubric will be sent to all volunteers on June 12. If you cannot commit to helping us during those two weeks, we will have other opportunities for you to volunteer for a discount.

Assist with Proposal Reviews

Conference registration will open on June 12, 2024

Conference Strands

Conference Strands include: 

  1. Rebuilding Relationships to Nature

  2. Restoration of Habitat and Ecosystems

  3. Reconnecting Community to Land

  4. Diversity is Resiliency 

  5. Climate Education Accessibility

1. Rebuilding Relationships to Nature: Delve into the ways in which we can mend and strengthen our connections with the natural world. Topics may include indigenous knowledge systems, biocultural diversity, and the healing power of nature. Examples of categories for submission:

  • Indigenous perspectives on environmental stewardship

  • Nature-based therapies for mental health

  • Incorporating traditional ecological knowledge into modern conservation practices

2. Restoration of Habitat and Ecosystems: Focus on initiatives and techniques aimed at restoring and revitalizing habitats and ecosystems. From reforestation projects to marine conservation efforts, we invite presentations that highlight successful restoration practices and their impacts. Examples of categories for submission:

  • Urban rewilding initiatives

  • Innovative approaches to habitat restoration

  • Community-led restoration projects in degraded ecosystems

3. Reconnecting Community to Land: Showcase strategies for involving communities in land stewardship, fostering environmental justice, and promoting equitable access to natural spaces. Examples of categories for submission:

  • Community gardening and urban agriculture programs

  • Environmental education initiatives in underserved communities

  • Collaborative land management projects with indigenous communities

4. Diversity is Resiliency: Explore the intersections of diversity, equity, and inclusion in environmental education. We welcome presentations that address issues of environmental justice, cultural diversity, and inclusivity. Examples of categories for submission:

  • Building inclusive environmental education curricula

  • Addressing environmental racism and inequities

  • Promoting diversity in STEM fields and conservation leadership

5. Climate Education Accessibility: Focus on innovative approaches to making climate education inclusive, engaging, and accessible across diverse audiences. Examples of categories for submission:

  • Climate literacy programs for youth and marginalized communities

  • Using technology for virtual environmental education experiences

  • Communicating climate science effectively to non-scientific audiences

Is there something you want to present but doesn’t fit this category? Tell us what it is, what the theme would be, and we will see if we can fit it in!

Session Format and Delivery Options

45 minute presentation (traditional or hands on presentation - Friday, INDOOR ONLY)

  • Presenters share content or topic in a PowerPoint/Slide Deck/Other Media format
  • Can include time for questions or short discussions

Lightning rounds - Friday - 8 minutes in quick succession

  • These are short talks that highlight a success, share a new idea, or encourage participants to take action
  • The should include a media presentation (e.g. video, Slide Deck, etc) which must be sent to our Conference Planning Team no later than August 1 at 11:59pm Arizona time. We will combine all of the slide decks for the lightning rounds into one file which we will play for you in order to ensure everyone stays within the 8 minute limit
  • There will be time for questions after everyone in the round has completed their presentations

Poster Session - Friday - 10 minutes

  • Posters are images saved as PDF files that summarize programs, resources, research studies, or other work through text, images, and data. 
  • Posters are most often created using applications such as Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft PowerPoint, and others. 
  • The poster session will be held during an open space time where people will be invited to do a gallery walk and meet the presenters

NEW! 90-minute Outdoor-only Workshop - Saturday ONLY

  • These workshops are outdoor-only and do not have an option for including any classroom technology (e.g. powerpoint, computer, audio visuals). However, if you have a way to bring your own and do not need a power source, you are welcome to incorporate that.
  • They will be scheduled on Saturday morning at a location in Patagonia.
  • The sites will include a covered space in case of inclement weather.

Have questions about any of this? Be in touch! Email


P.O. Box 42682

Tucson, AZ 85733


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